Who Am I???

Over the years I have run a number of blogs and frankly they have all fallen at the wayside.

Along with the blogs I managed to amass a large number of domain names. In an effort to bring it all together I have forwarded all my domains to this one blog and imported my ramblings from some of my past blogs.

So according to the wonderful blogosphere who am i?

Well I used to be a shameful consumer spending copious amounts on anything from surgical masks to tequila to a Breitling watch.. All can be found over in the shopaholicsanon category.

Throughout the years I have enjoyed working out and have tried many times to attain a high level of fitness. Thankfully I am more committed than ever and I am performance is at a lifetime high. However the past seems to show I failed a LOT at this endeavour, Old Workouts.

Another active blogging stint was during my tour of America where I managed such highlights as getting married, a movie night in brooklyn and hanging out in LA. All to be found in The Trip.

Who I will be in the future will hopefully be answered by this very blog in another 5 years.

Just round the corner stands fatherhood, a new career, lifetime achievements in running and my loss of vision.

This blog will tell the story of my next 5 years.

4 thoughts on “Who Am I???

  1. Cool that your blogging again and that you managed to bring your other blogs along for the ride, i wanted to start fitnotfat up again.

    Question though, why the five year timescale?

    • The 5 year timescale is due to the old blogs going back 5 years. I hope to run it for longer than 5.

      And bring the fitness blog back we could all get involved in posting our fitness to one big blog and our own

  2. I was thinking of doing the fitness blog as a sub domain of my regular blog but i don’t really know how complicated/ uncomplicated that is or anything about it really

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