My Adventures

There is always a new adventure on the horizon…. As a true adventurer, Simon is constantly on the lookout for interesting opportunities to make what may seem impossible for most blind people, possible.

Upcoming events/adventures

Rumble in the Bronx

Competing in a desert ultra demonstrated competing solo is possible for a blind runner. But what if we made it even more challenging? Adding 50,000 moving objects as well as navigation? The NYC marathon will serve as the testing ground for my next piece of augmented technology. Armed with a haptic feedback object detection system i will compete solo in the NYC marathon.

Swim, Run, Ride

Is is possible to go from the back of a pack runner and compete at the top of a sport? In the form of the triathlon this is my next personal challenge. Can i translate my mindset to push the boundaries of possibility into one of performance? Can i do it in a year? And oh yeah, I need to learn to swim.

Marathons and more

I am always up for the adventure of running a race. It isn’t necessarily the thought of competing, but the thought of travelling to random parts of the world and embarking on an adventure with new and old friends, that keeps me going. Every year i try and compete in the Boston and NYC marathon and use it as an opportunity to run with old friends and introduce others to distance running.

But it isn’t always the marathon, half marathons, 10k’s 5k’s they are all mini adventures in the making. I have been known to fly to practically the other side of the world to run a 5k. It is after all the sense of adventure not the distance.

previous events

The Desert

Can a blind person compete solo? Well if you have the right location – a desert and the right technology – i created it. Yes you can. Perhaps it wasn’t quite that simple but it was a fantastic adventure that involved determination, technology and a lot of laughs. Just my kind of adventure.

Boston to NYC

When I was fortunate enough to receive a slot in the NYC marathon i saw it as an opportunity. NYC is tantalisingly close to Boston, Boston is the HQ of RunKeeper. The technology that enabled me to train solo. So i thought it would be nice to run from Boston to NYC then compete in my first ever marathon. A total of 260 miles. I would be joined by strangers along the way who would act as my guide runners allowing me to cover the distance.