The Final Destination

Well we have arrived at our final destination DC. So what happened between the last post and arriving in DC.

Our stay in Brooklyn ended up being one of the most memorable destinations of the whole trip. The morning breakfasts dining with all the guests and talking to Glenn were true highlights and really made the Brooklyn trip.

On our last few days in Brooklyn we decided to explore the local neighborhoods. Street after street was filled without unique boutiques. world foods and vibrant locals. Every street held something new be it a hidden community garden or grand murals covering the sides of brownstones. The only problem? Costs way to much to live there! A brownstone in Bed Stuy will set you back a cool 700k USD.

Leaving Brooklyn on a greyhound we headed into Philly with a single purpose. Find the Rocky statue. Thankfully we achieved this first thing which left us the rest of the day to wonder the streets and hang out in the park watching interpretive dance and listening to live music with illy defined sound levels.

Our brief stay in Philly was enough to wet our appetites with a revisit some time in the future. So after another greyhound trip which was interrupted by the united states postal service, who asked us all to exit the bus while it could be searched. We arrived in DC.

We have already managed to rack up one landmark the white house!

The Heat

Today we decided to head down to the Brooklyn Bridge park to take a few pics and lounge around. However it the heat didn’t take long to become completely unbearable.

We took refuge in a nearby bookstore and took advantage of the wonderful air conditioning. We decided it was simply to hot in Brooklyn and it might be cooler down in Coney Island.

So after an incredibly long ride on the subway that was thankfully air conditioned we arrived. And as we had hoped it was much cooler. Coney Island reminded me of GTA and blasting around the pier area while listening to the hip hop station.

The one thing that was a shocker were the prices $6 a ride! At those prices Disney is cheaper. As we walked around the park a young couple approached us and gave us some of their tickets for the rides. So free tickets in hand we headed to the ferris wheel.

Which gave us a great view of the island, in the far distance you could just make out the faint outline of Manhattan. After a quick stop at Nathan’s the heat had managed to track us down.

So back onto the nice cool air of the train back to Brooklyn. We are about to head off to Peaches so I can eat BBQ and cornbread!

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Killing it in Bklyn

On our first day in Brooklyn we decided to get the majority of the Manhattan excursions completed so we could spend the rest of the stay in the neighborhood.

So first thing in the morning after a truly filling breakfast of fruit and waffles we headed to the subway. A short ride and a missed stop later we were just past our first destination The Natural History Museum.

All the way round the museum you could hear everyone talking about seeing certain parts in The Night At The Museum. We also managed to fall prey to this and got incredibly excited when we saw the dum dum statue. After a few hours we began to tire so time for a Gatorade and hot dog recharge.

After this we headed to SoHo to check out a paper store Sian had read about on the internet. I wasn’t as excited about this store so I waited patiently in front of a fan cooling down while playing with my iPhone. Did I mention the HEAT IS A KILLER!!!!!

By this time we had sweated so much it was time to head back just to get a change of clothes! After a quick change it was time to grab a bite to eat on the way out the door we were stopped by the inn keeper. He mentioned he was having a few friends over to watch a Brazilian film and asked if we would like to join them. We thought this sounded great so after a wonderful meal at Peaches we headed back to the house.

Just round the side of the house Gregg had pinned up a white sheet and set up a projector. So we took our seats and experienced one of the most surreal movie experiences of my life. The film began in a windy desert which totally threw me as I could hear and feel the wind. Watching the film outdoors blended well with the entire film which coincidently was set outdoors so the real life sounds [and wind] merged with the film to make a truly memorably experience.

Today we headed to the Bronx zoo. Boy oh boy that place is enormous. Its the fist zoo I have been to in a long time where they seemed to have a huge population of animals I had never seen before. So it was a great experience. It was so hot though that the indoor tropical rain forest was actually a pleasant break from the heat.

I did manage to drink many snapples and even got stopped on the street so someone could compliment what I was wearing. Again the heat got the better of us and we headed back.

So now we are sat around cooling off waiting to head out for some chinese!

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  • just watched a film projected onto a White sheet in the garden! Bklyn Ftw! also ate some great turkey meat loaf! #
  • been to the Bronx drank many snapples, complemented on my outfit checked in at the zoo back to bklyn for iced tea #
  • @eightseventhree do a google for akwaaba they own quite a few in reply to eightseventhree #
  • @CorNEILiuZ just wait till i am back destroying all your times! in reply to CorNEILiuZ #

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