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A short video clip from WiRED where I spoke as part of the Google Zeitgeist


a short documentary created by Present Plus featuring Simon Wheatcroft. The documentary is part of a series that explores fear. here is what Simon Wheatcroft considers to be fear.

Simon Wheatcroft has been blind since the age of 17 but has refused to let his lack of sight prevent him taking part in his great passion for running.

He did it! After running 250 miles from Boston to NYC, Simon Wheatcroft, blind ultramarathoner, accomplished his dream of competing in the TCS New York City Marathon. Watch his incredible journey and celebrate with the Airbnb community who helped make it happen.

Blind ultra runner Simon Wheatcroft in Carphone Warehouses Smarter World campaign. Showing how a blind runner was able to learn to run solo through the use of a smartphone


Hear the amazing story about Simon Wheatcroft, a blind long distance runner. Through the power of IBM Cloud and Analytics, Simon is able to use Runkeeper’s mobile application to overcome his challenge to do

It’s not just the distances he runs that makes ultra runner Simon Wheatcroft extraordinary. Here, he describes how running to him is more than just exercise.

A short commercial I shot for Google Glass, examining how I use it in raily life and running.