NIke SB Taxi NYC

I saw this kick and had to add it to my collection. i have a thing for NYC themed kicks this is my fourth pair! got a few more kicks lined up to buy just waiting on the releases!

and as a side note ive lost two packages to customs this week alone, grrrrrrrr damn customs

available: by time you read this again prob not many places
price: its the bay prices now im afraid

NIke AF1 “wood”

adding to my already large kicks collection is this rather nice AF1. i love the AF1 think it could have something to do with the fact it was released in my birth year. [ as a side note i bought about 20 pairs of kicks while i didn’t update this site ] this particular shoe has a mahogany effect which really pops in real life the picture do doesn’t do it justice.

available: ermmmm by the time you read this prob not many places
price: get hitting the bay!!!

external HD

due to the huge amounts of hard drive space RAW uses i thought i would buy a little external HD to tide me over. planning on dropping a few thousand on a new mac after xmas so really dont wanna go all out on any type of comp hardware.

so i bought this as it goes so nice with my G5 🙂

its the nice 250Gb version 😀

available: its worth checking froogle as there are huge ranges in pricing
price: £70-110

raw conversion

well with now owning a nikon d200 [i bought that in the time i wasnt updating the site]. thought i best cop somet that helps me handle RAW. but my god that shit eats up HD space!!!

available: all good book stores
price: £27.99

windows server hacks

with me looking for a new job i thought it would be good to brush up on a few admin skills. so i bought this book and i must say its fantastic i have already used a couple of the scripts to make things run smoother!

available: all good bookstores
price: £17.50