Being blind means that Simon’s ability to adapt and use technology has enabled him to achieve incredible goals; from learning to run alone outdoors to crossing the Sahara Desert solo. His keynote talks on diversity, inclusion and technology draw on his remarkable achievements, push boundaries and motivate others to reimagine what is possible.

Simon’s keynote titles include…

&Adapt: How to create a more accessible world by adapting technology

  • Exploring technology and its often unseen applications.
  • Inclusive design and how it leads to a more intuitive experience for all.
  • How minimal computer to human interactions can build complex experiences.

Quitting and Failure: How facing adversity creates a mindset to achieve your goals

  • Defining the differences between quitting and failure.
  • The driving forces of quitting and how to bring back a positive.
  • The power of failure and the lessons it can teach.

The end goal: minimize risk by setting achievable tasks

  • Reducing large goal risks by examining smaller tasks.
  • Implementation intentions and the ability to handle the unknown.
  • Handling risk in life and death situations.


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“I first saw Simon when he was the top rated speaker at the IAB conference in 2014. He subsequently came and spoke to the UK Twitter team. The talk was informal, warm and deeply inspiring. Simon has a perspective on life, technology and – yes – running that is captivating to hear”.

Bruce Daisley, VP Europe, Twitter

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“We invited Simon to speak out our annual UK & Ireland conference. His amazing journey and experiences truly inspired the team and made them think more deeply about their own untapped inner strengths. Simon delivered his speech with great humility and humor that only made it more powerful and resonate more strongly with the audience. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Simon as a motivational speaker”.

Ed Couchman, Facebook

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“Simon spoke at Google’s flagship Think Performance conference for C-level execs and simply stole the show with his moving and memorable stories of how advances in tech, specifically smartphones and now Google Glass, allows him to achieve his extraordinary goals”.

Matt Brocklehurst, Product Marketing, Google