How Quickly Things Change

Reading my previous posts it seems my life has totally changed in the last few months.

At the beginning of January, Sian and I found out we were having a child. Fast forward a few months and a couple of scans, its a boy! This will no doubt be a huge life changing experience for the both of us.

On top of this, come the realisation I need a new career path. So out of the window goes IT and through the door comes psychology.

Psychology has been a personal passion for a while and now seems the right time to monetize a more sustainable passion. I personally feel I have reached the limits of my IT ability due to my failing vision. This is more a. waning interest due to my sight loss rather than being unable to use a computer.

So with perfect timing assured my path into psychology begins on our predicted due date. I certainly don’t like making it easy on myself!

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