After returning from America I had high hopes for furthering my knowledge through the purchase of a number of books.

With all but one unread, they are now on eBay. Not due to laziness but due to my reduction in vision. Reading traditional books is simply too difficult. Without the correct level of light, just the right angle of the page, the correct font size the right level of contrast I simply cannot read printed text.

Not only has this affected my learning but also my interaction with my nephews. Today Wilson brought a book over and asked me to read. Unable to make out the text I said no, this of course didn’t stop him repeatedly asking me to read, read, read!!. In an effort to engage him and do something productive I popped out my iPhone and we played Animal Safari.

Digital text is of course the solution. All my problems with traditional print are easily solved thanks to electronic books.

This change to digital is unfortunately a costly one. An Apple iPad is going to cost £429 and thats before any books. The iPad will become essential on my return to college, so not only do I need to find money for the higher priced digital textbooks but also the reader.

Turns out disabilities are expensive.

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