i have had a fascination with watches for a while now and even more so by breitling. for a long time ive wanted to own a breitling watch. for me its above rolex and all them other highly recognised brands.

while over in rhodes i decided to just nip in to check out a few watches i ended up walking out the proud owner of this

click me

this is certainly going to be the crown of my collection for a long time to come, and also cut down on my shopping for a long time!!!

price: £2,700-£3,100
available: your nearest breitling dealer!


doing some surfing the other day i cam across pet tree’s. thinking they were undeniably cute i wanted to import one from japan but found they were sold out 🙁 thankfully the uk’s premier gadget site firebox was starting to stock them! yay!

i got the little cacti one rance, hope they start to stock the full range and the little tree’s can all perch upon my monitor!

price: £5.9 excl del

character slipping……

with my summer holiday with the girls fast approaching my shopping habits have died down incredibly. deciding to buy a sonos the same week i had to pay for the holiday was probably the cause of that!

anyway i decided i could read one book reasonably fast so decided to pick up a few more for the hols!

recently the big boss man at work has been lending me various CD’s from jazz to soul. listening to one of bill withers early albums really made me want to pick some more of his stuff up. so best place to start? a compilation i thought

price: £24.56 inc del

out of character

well obviously there is something wrong with me, i have not been spending!

well when i say not spending…… must of blown a few hundred on booze over the past week or so that has lead to some CLASSIC stories hehehehe

look look another totally out of character purchase!

its a real life book, this is only the second or maybe third non computer related book ive bought in my entire life. i plan on testing out “the book is better than the film” theory everyone always bangs on about.

although i have not been spending ive found some fantastic purchases i will no doubt make when im back from my hols 🙂

holiday wear!

well i was trying to keep spending to a minimum this week, as ever i failed.

i did pick up some fantastic things for my holiday though.

what beach holiday would be complete without a pair of flip flops

and following in this years trend with a peter grimm hat [bit peeved all the bands are jumping on this though, hate following fashion trends of bands. so probably wont wear it TO much incase i get associated with that YUCK!]

without a doubt im gonna be the coolest cat on the beach!

price: flip flops £27.99 hat £40
available: flip flop just about everywhere pretty soon for the hat!

sonos, clothes and presents

well last thursday saw the delivery of my shiny new sonos system. i have left it this long to post about the sonos as i wanted to be totally sure everything worked.

only recently has the sonos begun to support the FLAC audio format and with my recent attempts at audio perfection FLAC was the only way to go. I set the system up with reasonable ease and it ran perfect. That was until sunday night where it crashed repeatadly for an hour!!!

anyway i blame that on my unstable computer and the problems seems to have sorted itself out. so now confident in the sonos’s ability of music streaming ive decided to keep the sytem.

god it looks so sexy!!

oh suppose id best mention the fact i bought a holiday as well!! going on holiday with my two favourite ladies shalene and kathryn! we are heading to turkey for two weeks of sun sun sun sun sun.

i was also persuaded to buy some cheap clothes *cringe* i justified this by deciding to only wear them for the holiday where no one will see me and i wont care!! although saying that they are kinda cool in a cheesy way hehehe

another purchase this weekend was gareths birthday present, it would totally ruin the surpirse if i posted what it was, so i aint gonna say

Price: sonos £670 holiday £370 clothes £60 present £? this months budget == FUCKED!

Magazines and music

well i had been doing really well with the not spending thing. well i wouldnt go as far to say not spending just reduced spending.

but i *might* of made a few purchases this week.

first one being JPGMAG, i picked up a couple of issues of this just to check out the print quality for a future project and well i also found em interesting.

my other purchase was an iPod shuffle, i already own an iPod mini but i picked up the shuffle for running. its a lot lighter and i dont exactly need 10 days of music when im running, more like 10 minutes!

i love this comparison image of the shuffle!

might also be a little something something coming today 😀

Price: cant even remember on the JPGMAG but the shuffle was £45 from a guy at work [how dodgy does that sound!]
available: and i dont think the guy from work wants his details giving out

HD and fighting

the hard drive recovery might not of gone as planned. i *might* of pressed the wrong button and lost all my data.

lesson learnt don’t press the wrong button! i was incredibly upset to begin with at losing all my files but then i started to look at it as a new beginning.

a lot of the files i lost were personal and probably a good thing i lost them so i am no longer reminded of things that hurt me in the past.

losing the music isn’t as bad as i once thought either, my music tastes have evolved over the years and i now listen to completely different genres to what 80% of my collection was.

so what i have been buying this week. well continuing my fitness regime with Personal trainer Chicago [dropped 16-17lbs and around 5% body fat so far] i decided to pick up some new gloves for the punch bag as well as some hand wraps.

rather than going for some full on boxing gloves and my recent addiction to the UFC led me to these gloves

already managed to pop open a knuckle on the punch bag though maybe i shouldn’t hit it as hard!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HD crash

this week i have been totally gutted, not much shopping has been going on for a few reasons.

1] im trying to be careful this month [lol]
2] my HD crashed

the HD crash manage to take out 5 years of files, which came in at around 300Gb of info. Now a lot of this i didnt mind losing, the thing that really stung was my music collection [which was all payed for] and my original files such as graphics and photos.

while feeling terribly sullen over the entire thing i remembered an old HD backup i had. sure i had used it for the xbox and it had been formatted >3 times but common todays recovery software is great right?…….right?

a quick google around the internet and i found, they allowed you to download the software run it and let it report back what files it could recover.

15/06/05 0:00: i run the software, fingers crossed
16/06/05 0:45: still running so i decide to watch the UFC, fingers still crossed!
16/06/05 1:25: nice screen with list of files it could recover!

out of 145Gb and three formats or more it could recover 132Gb of my files. within this thankfully were my MP3’s i have lost a LOT of my original work but there is not much i can do about that now.

so today i bought a new HD and the software so i can click the copy button!

1x 200Gb HD
1x GetDataback NTFS

price: £75 for HD with express del £43 for GetDataBack