Magazines and music

well i had been doing really well with the not spending thing. well i wouldnt go as far to say not spending just reduced spending.

but i *might* of made a few purchases this week.

first one being JPGMAG, i picked up a couple of issues of this just to check out the print quality for a future project and well i also found em interesting.

my other purchase was an iPod shuffle, i already own an iPod mini but i picked up the shuffle for running. its a lot lighter and i dont exactly need 10 days of music when im running, more like 10 minutes!

i love this comparison image of the shuffle!

might also be a little something something coming today 😀

Price: cant even remember on the JPGMAG but the shuffle was £45 from a guy at work [how dodgy does that sound!]
available: and i dont think the guy from work wants his details giving out

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