sonos, clothes and presents

well last thursday saw the delivery of my shiny new sonos system. i have left it this long to post about the sonos as i wanted to be totally sure everything worked.

only recently has the sonos begun to support the FLAC audio format and with my recent attempts at audio perfection FLAC was the only way to go. I set the system up with reasonable ease and it ran perfect. That was until sunday night where it crashed repeatadly for an hour!!!

anyway i blame that on my unstable computer and the problems seems to have sorted itself out. so now confident in the sonos’s ability of music streaming ive decided to keep the sytem.

god it looks so sexy!!

oh suppose id best mention the fact i bought a holiday as well!! going on holiday with my two favourite ladies shalene and kathryn! we are heading to turkey for two weeks of sun sun sun sun sun.

i was also persuaded to buy some cheap clothes *cringe* i justified this by deciding to only wear them for the holiday where no one will see me and i wont care!! although saying that they are kinda cool in a cheesy way hehehe

another purchase this weekend was gareths birthday present, it would totally ruin the surpirse if i posted what it was, so i aint gonna say

Price: sonos £670 holiday £370 clothes £60 present £? this months budget == FUCKED!

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