arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HD crash

this week i have been totally gutted, not much shopping has been going on for a few reasons.

1] im trying to be careful this month [lol]
2] my HD crashed

the HD crash manage to take out 5 years of files, which came in at around 300Gb of info. Now a lot of this i didnt mind losing, the thing that really stung was my music collection [which was all payed for] and my original files such as graphics and photos.

while feeling terribly sullen over the entire thing i remembered an old HD backup i had. sure i had used it for the xbox and it had been formatted >3 times but common todays recovery software is great right?…….right?

a quick google around the internet and i found, they allowed you to download the software run it and let it report back what files it could recover.

15/06/05 0:00: i run the software, fingers crossed
16/06/05 0:45: still running so i decide to watch the UFC, fingers still crossed!
16/06/05 1:25: nice screen with list of files it could recover!

out of 145Gb and three formats or more it could recover 132Gb of my files. within this thankfully were my MP3’s i have lost a LOT of my original work but there is not much i can do about that now.

so today i bought a new HD and the software so i can click the copy button!

1x 200Gb HD
1x GetDataback NTFS

price: £75 for HD with express del £43 for GetDataBack

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