HD and fighting

the hard drive recovery might not of gone as planned. i *might* of pressed the wrong button and lost all my data.

lesson learnt don’t press the wrong button! i was incredibly upset to begin with at losing all my files but then i started to look at it as a new beginning.

a lot of the files i lost were personal and probably a good thing i lost them so i am no longer reminded of things that hurt me in the past.

losing the music isn’t as bad as i once thought either, my music tastes have evolved over the years and i now listen to completely different genres to what 80% of my collection was.

so what i have been buying this week. well continuing my fitness regime with Personal trainer Chicago [dropped 16-17lbs and around 5% body fat so far] i decided to pick up some new gloves for the punch bag as well as some hand wraps.

rather than going for some full on boxing gloves and my recent addiction to the UFC led me to these gloves

already managed to pop open a knuckle on the punch bag though maybe i shouldn’t hit it as hard!

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