The Training Conundrum

Due to my lack of vision training is no simple task. I can’t just hit the streets and run, or head to the gym and lift weights. There are many safety and capability issues. Running down the street when you are unable to see does not make for a fun or safe time.

Despite this I prefer to run outdoors. This means I rely on guide runners. Through a constant stream of communication they guide me with simple commands. At least thats how it should work. In reality both myself and my guide runner fatigue and forget to communicate, which results in a few close calls and comedy moments.

Like scaring little old ladies at intersections or narrow misses with slow pedestrians, as my guide runner is checking out the hot runner.

The role of guide runner is incredibly stressful as the safety of another person is in their hands. The constant level of awareness to the road surface, surroundings and my position relative to theirs is mentally taxing. Add on top of that the mental challenge of running and its easy to see how tough the job really is.

I truly appreciate the role of my guide runner as it allows me to train with a sense of normality. So here is to the many miles we will share, and to our first competitive race in July!


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