Uphill Struggle

My guide runner Scott arrived today and we began talking about the possibility of entering a few more races. So after some googling we had found a few possibilities and were basking in the hopes of fast times.

Evidently this was not the best mind set for todays run. With our high levels of enthusiasm we took the intensity up a notch. A new route a faster pace!

The route choice turned out to be difficult not to mention the over ambitious pace. Our pace took a steep drop around the .75 mile mark as the hills began to take their toll. A headwind for the return mile ate away at our pace. Leaving us with an average of 8:10 a mile.

I have also started using dailymile at first I wasn’t to sure what else it could add statistically, as I already use Nike+. Using the data from Nike+ it gives far more detailed historical information as well as a few fun facts.


Time to start eating those donuts!

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