Day 2


Breakfast – 3oz steak, 2 eggs, 1 slice of bread + butter, 1 Apple
lunch – 4 1/2 oz deli meat. 2oz cheese, 2 slices of bread, 3 tsp light mayo, 1/2 apple
snack – 4oz yogurt with pecans on top
tea – 5oz chicken, 1 orange, 6 oz of grapes [was all i could handle]
snack – 1 egg, .5 bread, .5 tsp peanut butter

I felt a little bloated after breakfast today, so it may be the apples that are causing the bloating. I am having apples at dinner but no tuna so will be a good test to find out whats going on.

well i don’t feel as bloated after lunch, so it may have been the tuna i will have it again on thursday to try and narrow it down.

the plan was to goto the gym from work but neil is busy, so i think im just gonna have a rest day to let me leg heal [cut it open on a lamp last night]

I am finding eating all the fruit difficult, although i hoping to expand my diet quite a lot next week. Think im going to stick to sandwiches for lunch as its just so easy though

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