Yellowstone Day 2

The plan for today was to see Old Faithful erupt and go row a boat across yellowstone lake.

We started the day by arriving early and heading straight to Old Faithful, even though we had arrived early we had nearly a 2 hour wait till it erupted. So we headed for a hot chocolate and a muffin. As we walked back to Old Faithful we noticed a lot of people had already started waiting for the eruption.

And then we heard someone mention what time it was, we had made a total rookie mistake and we were using the wrong time zone! So rather than the 2 hour wait we thought we had it was a rather short 30 mins. This also explains why yesterday we missed the eruption by such a large window!

After Old Faithful we visited a few other basins and shot a few pics of the wildlife before heading back to West Yellowstone. While walking around trying to find a restaurant to eat we found some flyers for a rodeo which we will hopefully attend tomorrow. I will report back if we manage to get tickets!

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