Waiting on eBay

On my last run I managed to tweak my left knee. I assign blame squarely on the cyclists I was forced to dodge. Pesky cyclists!

I decided to rest my knee for a full day and hope for the best. With the pain still present when walking, I thought back to my ankle. Rather than hoping for the best I decided to get on eBay and order a Vulkan knee support. The previous Vulkan ankle support was fantastic in aiding in my recovery, so I have high hopes for the knee support.

With the order placed I became even more recovery conscious and cracked out the ice pack. Laid back in my leather armchair I ate a sneaky Snickers ice cream as the ice pack worked its magic. At the end of the ice cream I noticed the ice pack no longer seemed cold on my leg.

I removed the ice pack and felt some kind of sticker on the back of my knee. I tried multiple times to peel it off. Then I realised, it wasn’t a sticker at all, I had frozen my skin. I panicked and rushed upstairs to show Sian, thankfully no permanent damage. But a great reminded not to leave the ice pack on to long.

I am hoping the knee support arrived in time for sundays run. Otherwise I wont be running till next week.

2 thoughts on “Waiting on eBay

  1. I hear ya on the dogging cyclists thing. I run the Northshore Trail near Flower Mound, TX. Northshore is one of the more popular trails for mountain bikers in North Texas, so the traffic can get pretty bad on the weekend.

    Good luck on your knee recovery.

    • The cyclists were gunning for me again today. The area I run is wise enough for cyclists to easily ride 2-3 abreast. No idea why they like to aim for me!

      The knee is far better know, Vulkan compression is a life saver!

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