Hitting The Miles

Recently getting anywhere near the computer has been a challenge. My wife has been hogging the computer as she works on her hand made plushy store.

My running is progressing nicely at this point. I have lost my guide runner, so I now rely on a nice strech of road for all my runs. This has been a far easier transition that I first feared, so hopefully the miles will keep on rolling by.

My feet are starting to take a real pounding with blisters being an all to common occurrence. Some new equipment is definitely in order, my shoes are falling apart. I have nearly worn through the sole! I should be able to afford a new pair sometime next month so the duct tape might be making an appearance.

CrossFit has also returned to my weekly schedule, I am currently trying to fit in 3 workouts a week. 60 BW deadlifts and a 4 mile run was a challenge on my core. But crossfit is all about pushing the limits of fitness.

Time to throw some weight about my head and do some running.

3 thoughts on “Hitting The Miles

  1. Have you thought about getting a running machine for the times that you can’t get a guide runner?

    I know they’re not ideal, but for the wetter winter months and with the Ice/water going to be a serious problem soon maybe this would be a good off season running fix?

    Just a thought really šŸ™‚

  2. My financial situation is not what it used to be. I cant even afford a gym membership at the min for the running machines never mind a treadmill. In the future I do hope to own one to make it a little easier.

    But for now my financial priorities have to be with the baby, so its the roads and sucking it up!

  3. I visited your wife’s store on etsy. Her bears are adorable!

    Sorry you lost your guide runner. That must be hard. You inspire me with your dedication to running. I am such a couch potato it’s an accomplishment to get a walk in every day.

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