I finally bit the bullet and confirmed my place at Sheffield University.  I followed this up with a quick visit with the disability department to discuss my needs and assistance I may require.

After discussing my needs and being reassured assistance would be put into place we hit the same old problem: Books in a digital format.  Of the 5-pre course books on the reading list only 2 are available digitally.  This continues to frustrate me, as we all know books are created in digital formats.  There isn’t someone sat at a typewriter creating a book that is then photocopied.  It is obviously sent to the printers digitally.  So why not just convert that and sell?

I know the answer, its stupid DRM.  Publishers do not want to lose control of their books.  So now I will be forced to purchase the paper books and pay for them to be converted, making a £20 book a £200 book.

I am trying not to let this get me down and focussing on the course itself, I am looking forwarding to studying psychology at degree level and I am especially looking forward to the lectures.  Not so much the commute though, but it’s the price I am paying to continue my other pursuits.  There is always a trade off.

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