Twitter Updates for 2009-08-05

  • heading back out to the casino and bars in vegas getting married in the morning!!!! #fb #
  • sorry its getting confusing everyone. squid will organise everyone i hope!!! if u all had this would be easy if someone wants to go get #
  • a spare mac from mine they can #
  • as it stands we are going to use iChat, YIM and skype all at once #
  • if anyone wants to borrow a mac to use the higher quality iChat there is a spare at my house #
  • if more people need more macs might be a good idea to talk to scott as he might be able to hook you up #
  • @CorNEILiuZ not the imac but the other one for sure it aint got wireless so steal lan cable if u want in my room drawers as in reply to CorNEILiuZ #
  • you walk in will be a real long network cable or ask my dad he should know where there is a long one #
  • make sure u take power for monitor and computer as well though and u will need an account for ichat ask squid #
  • @CorNEILiuZ ichat will be better video in reply to CorNEILiuZ #
  • as we can only get 2fps on shitty PC #
  • @CorNEILiuZ talk to scott he can prob lend u a laptop in reply to CorNEILiuZ #
  • @CorNEILiuZ failing that there will be audio on skype and if we cant get any iChat peeps we will pop on YIM in reply to CorNEILiuZ #
  • @Piratejuice seen as u in the cool school and got a mac if we can get enough peeps on ichat it will be ichat for video skype for voice in reply to Piratejuice #
  • was great to see and speak to everyone today! time to head out now and celebrate the wedding! #

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