The Final Destination

Well we have arrived at our final destination DC. So what happened between the last post and arriving in DC.

Our stay in Brooklyn ended up being one of the most memorable destinations of the whole trip. The morning breakfasts dining with all the guests and talking to Glenn were true highlights and really made the Brooklyn trip.

On our last few days in Brooklyn we decided to explore the local neighborhoods. Street after street was filled without unique boutiques. world foods and vibrant locals. Every street held something new be it a hidden community garden or grand murals covering the sides of brownstones. The only problem? Costs way to much to live there! A brownstone in Bed Stuy will set you back a cool 700k USD.

Leaving Brooklyn on a greyhound we headed into Philly with a single purpose. Find the Rocky statue. Thankfully we achieved this first thing which left us the rest of the day to wonder the streets and hang out in the park watching interpretive dance and listening to live music with illy defined sound levels.

Our brief stay in Philly was enough to wet our appetites with a revisit some time in the future. So after another greyhound trip which was interrupted by the united states postal service, who asked us all to exit the bus while it could be searched. We arrived in DC.

We have already managed to rack up one landmark the white house!

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