The confidence equation

My ability to run the miles I do is relates to the technologies I use. When those fail my confidence drops and I generally fail to run. Today was full of ups and downs in relation to my confidence.

After yesterday’s 21 miles I had a relatively easy 13 today. I had been tired all morning and was constantly yawning at college. Arriving home I quickly chugged a Lucozade, fed my son and myself and headed out.

I started the run slightly achey but my legs soon warmed up. After running for a while I was sure I was at a hydration point but I hadn’t received an audio cue. I continued to run for another half mile before manually pressing for an update. No audio, great.

I fiddled with my phone but couldn’t get any audio at all. I decided to restate RunKeeper, hydrate and continue. The run began with audio cues intact, that lasted a whole 6 minutes. I was at an easy part of my route so decided to continue sans cues.

After a few minutes a screeching noise came through my headphones. I had no idea what was happening and RunKeeper crashed. With my technology flaking out I rang my wife. She wouldn’t be able to collect me for an hour.

My confidence was shaken so I decided to take a little rest; eat a peanut butter sandwich and try to fix my phone. A quick restart seemed to return audio and I was back running.

I felt incredibly refreshed and the confidence was back. I ran the next 2-miles and my wife rang saying she had left early and was on her way. I quickly returned to collection point 2 and ended the run early.

My ability to run solo is intrinsically linked to technology thus creating the confidence equation. When it works it runs high when technology fails it hits a low. It’s the price I pay for solo training.

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