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My current ambition to run the Cotswolds 100 has gained support recently from a number of websites and a newspaper.  After using RunKeeper for a number of months to aid with my running I finally decided to create a post detailing exactly how it assisted me.  This created an explosion of interest in my little adventure.

RunKeeper featured my post on their own blog which put the wheels in motion for a number of other opportunities.  I was first contacted by Wired who asked to feature my post and asked if I would create regular updates for their Wired Playbook, I jumped at the opportunity and have had three posts published so far.

One day later I received an e-mail from The Daily and ending up giving an interview, my first ever! I was incredibly excited to be featured in a newspaper and have printed out a copy as a memory sake.

Being featured on these websites has allowed people in the blind and running community to get in touch.  This has been fantastic and I have enjoyed talking to everyone, so don’t be afraid to get in touch.  I have added a Skype button in the sidebar so people can call me too.

One thought on “Runkeeper, Wired, The Daily and More

  1. Hi Simon,

    I saw your post published on Wired about running in the wind and how disorienting it can be. I’m deaf in my left ear (my ear that faces the road) and find it disorienting sometimes to tell where cars are coming from. I can’t wait to hear how you work around the wind issue in your situation.

    Good luck on your training!

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