P90X Is Childs Play

Today my guide runner and I decided to continue our adventure into CrossFit.

Now for a little background I have completed the P90X program recently. It is a great program for building the glamour muscles, the biceps, triceps and shoulders. It is also a pretty good workout for people with low vision, as the audio instructions are reasonably precise. So I would definitely recommend for low vision people looking to get fit.

However preparation for a return to CrossFit it is not. I fatigued so quick today it was laughable. Also turns out isolated triceps movements are pretty useless prep for real dips.

The workout consisted of:


I fatigued in round 1 and barely made it through the supposedly quick routine.

After finishing we decided to regain some confidence and go for a little run. A steady 1Km warm up and then a few sprints.

We began our 1Km warmup. With a few concise instructions from my guide runner we were making great progress. Then he spouted out a fantastic instruction “yeah loads here, there is cars, posts and loads of shit”.

No left, right, curb just “loads of shit”. We both started laughing as I was gently nudged to the right of the car.

Run complete time for some sprints! This was literally a tonne of fun, will certainly be doing high speed sprints in the future.


I was reading blindgal’s blog yesterday and came across the story of a blind fifth grader running unassisted.

Thanks to a guide rope that is attached to a pole in the centre of the track, holding onto the rope allows Hunter Hall to run unassisted.

This is a simple idea and one I have had in the past. If I ever have the opportunity to have my own running track you can be sure I will have such a setup.

After reading this story I figured I would give an unassisted run a shot.

In the fields behind my house there are two football pitches that run back to back. I figured if I set myself in the centre of one of the posts and ran I should be able to achieve around 200m without running into anything. So with the aid of Nike+ to give me audio distances feedback, I went for it.

To make things even more interesting I decided to make the run todays Crossfit WOD.

Four Rounds
400m Run
50 Squats

After a few mishaps with Nike+ the first two runs went real well. Powering through the squats onto my third run I coughed out huge amounts of phlegm, I could feel the wall rapidly approaching. Thankfully I had just reached the 400m, time for some more squats.

The last run saw an incredibly reduced pace and the last set of squats I had to break into two 25’s. I managed to finish with a time of 15:08. I could easily achieve a sub 12 with a guide runner as I would of been far more confident and really gone for it on the runs.

But I got out there and did it unassisted so a win regardless!