Summer Schedule

With the summer in full swing its time to up my workout schedule. Not only will I be increasing the miles but introducing a number of CrossFit workouts and sprints. The schedule is as follows:

Monday – Pull-ups, CrossFit
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – Pull-ups, CrossFit
Thursday – Run
Friday – Pull-ups, CrossFit
Saturday – Sprints, CrossFit
Sunday – Run

This schedule does seem a little packed but with a lot of sleep and great nutrition I am confident I will see gains.

I will be following a Hal Higdon schedule for my running and aiming to be at half marathon distance in around 6 weeks time.

I will be utilising CrossFit and also a CrossFit playing card deck for the strength training.

For pull-ups I will be following the 20 Pull-Up Challenge.

So thats the schedule I post mainly to open the doors to any friends, friends of friends, random readers of the blog that would like to team up during the summer months. Be it by training in person or simply keeping track of each others progress online.

I am flexible on the times for any of the workouts and will do an AM/PM split. So leave or comment or drop me a line to workout!

P90X Is Childs Play

Today my guide runner and I decided to continue our adventure into CrossFit.

Now for a little background I have completed the P90X program recently. It is a great program for building the glamour muscles, the biceps, triceps and shoulders. It is also a pretty good workout for people with low vision, as the audio instructions are reasonably precise. So I would definitely recommend for low vision people looking to get fit.

However preparation for a return to CrossFit it is not. I fatigued so quick today it was laughable. Also turns out isolated triceps movements are pretty useless prep for real dips.

The workout consisted of:


I fatigued in round 1 and barely made it through the supposedly quick routine.

After finishing we decided to regain some confidence and go for a little run. A steady 1Km warm up and then a few sprints.

We began our 1Km warmup. With a few concise instructions from my guide runner we were making great progress. Then he spouted out a fantastic instruction “yeah loads here, there is cars, posts and loads of shit”.

No left, right, curb just “loads of shit”. We both started laughing as I was gently nudged to the right of the car.

Run complete time for some sprints! This was literally a tonne of fun, will certainly be doing high speed sprints in the future.


I was reading blindgal’s blog yesterday and came across the story of a blind fifth grader running unassisted.

Thanks to a guide rope that is attached to a pole in the centre of the track, holding onto the rope allows Hunter Hall to run unassisted.

This is a simple idea and one I have had in the past. If I ever have the opportunity to have my own running track you can be sure I will have such a setup.

After reading this story I figured I would give an unassisted run a shot.

In the fields behind my house there are two football pitches that run back to back. I figured if I set myself in the centre of one of the posts and ran I should be able to achieve around 200m without running into anything. So with the aid of Nike+ to give me audio distances feedback, I went for it.

To make things even more interesting I decided to make the run todays Crossfit WOD.

Four Rounds
400m Run
50 Squats

After a few mishaps with Nike+ the first two runs went real well. Powering through the squats onto my third run I coughed out huge amounts of phlegm, I could feel the wall rapidly approaching. Thankfully I had just reached the 400m, time for some more squats.

The last run saw an incredibly reduced pace and the last set of squats I had to break into two 25’s. I managed to finish with a time of 15:08. I could easily achieve a sub 12 with a guide runner as I would of been far more confident and really gone for it on the runs.

But I got out there and did it unassisted so a win regardless!