Santander and Blind customers

Below is my complaint to Santander.  There was of course a few raised voices in the call.
Tonight I made a call to your telephone banking system to arrange for a transfer of funds to another individuals account.  During the security question portion of the call I was asked to read the number from the back of the card as well as my expiry date.  Being blind I told the operator to hold as I cant read the numbers, I then asked my wife what they said.  I was then able to inform the operator of the numbers,
I was told I had now failed the security process as a 3rd party was involved in the call.  This treatment of a blind user who relayed the information HIMSELF not by a third party is disgusting.  I became furious with the operator and demanded to talk to a manager.  I was told a manager did not exist but the complaints department would act as the direct report in this matter.
However to add insult to injury the complaints department also refused to deal with me due to my disability, they felt a more fitting process would be for a blind individual who has issues with mobility to travel to a branch to complain.
So apparently the official stance of Santander is:
1. Refuse to deal with blind customers on the phone
2. Force blind customers to use the branch
I was informed by the operator I could utilise another service but this begs the question why should I? I abided by YOUR rules I provided the information MYSELF.  But apparently having someone read information to ME, NOT the operator breaches the 3rd party rule.
So I leave this complaint with a question.
Explain to me why I should bank with Santander? (and please answer the question within the context of my experience)

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