Off the beaten track

As regular readers may know I run a set route all the time. Not being able to see and new running routes do not mix.

Around 10 days ago I was doing my usual route listening to my audio GPS and I heard a voice “HELLO!!!!”. I jumped in the air turned round and heard an old man making conversation. It was a fellow runner. Now this is the first time a runner has actually took the time to chat to me so I decided to be enthusiastic and engage.

At this point I had another mile before I had to turn round and run back on my set route, so figured we had plenty of time to talk. As we chatted we both talked about our running goals, I the 100 miler, the old man just for fun. He had a long running career though, over 20 years of racing marathon and ultra distance.

We got on to chatting about our families and what we were up to this weekend. As we continued to run along the old man stopped suddenly a few times so I bumped into him. After about the third time I mentioned I was registered blind and had to follow the white line. He seemed shocked that despite my vision I was out pounding the pavements.

We had chatted for so long we were now off route. The old man decided to cut through the woods so I was left off route with the daunting task of finding my way back. I hugged the curb and decided to turn round. When the route became slightly difficult I decided to walk and try to get back on route as quickly as possible. After around ten minutes I was back on familiar ground and continued my run.

I will definitely be sticking to the route for future runs as the fatigue creeps up way to fast off route. I put this down to an increase demand on the thought process, no longer am I drifting away peacefully; I am panicking about getting back on route and spiking my heart rate.

I really enjoyed chatting to the old man, but paid the price in fatigue and had to drop a mile off my run.

One thought on “Off the beaten track

  1. I am intrigued with your running! Awesome. I am also blind (have RP with a tiny peephole). I am preparing for a 1/2 marathon in January. I run with a guide/friend or my husband most of the time. On a paved trail that is smooth and a bright yellow line in the middle I can run on my own. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I have loved this running experience. Just started back in August.

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