San Francisco

San Francisco marks an important point in the holiday, time to give up the car. After 3470 miles it was time to return the little car that could.

Dropping off the car was incredibly simple so onto our first public transport experience of the holiday. We used the BART system to head downtown to our hotel. Arriving downtown we headed out of the station with the hope of relying on our GPS to find the hotel. The only problem, no signal.

So after asking for directions and arriving back at the hotel it was time to head out for food. After the usual debate [read:arguement] of where to eat we ended up at Pearls. Which has won the award for best burger in SF. I will definitely be heading back before we leave SF!

So today we decided to go on a short walk around Union Square this turned into a massive hike to pier 39. Although it did involve a great walk through china town and some amazing views of the city. Sian shot some great photos and we even managed to walk down the famous winding street [cant remember name]

We will be heading back down to pier 39 later in the break for the one event we have both been waiting for our tour of Alcatraz! Which is solidly booked for a week with surprise surprise the one option being available being the most expensive.

We are loving SF and really love the feeling of the union square district for shopping. Sian is managing to drag me into every single urban outfitters [read:fape fitters] we pass by. So today was no exception and she managed to buy a hat. So we aint eating for a day now!

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