Rollercoaster Run

Todays 8-mile run was the toughest run in recent memory.  I felt incredibly fatigued and dehydrated; thanks to a lack of food and water this morning.  Despite feeling rough and encountering a few issues along the way I did make the distance.

Running the usual route today proved far more challenging than normal, usually around once a week I will run into something, be it a random piece of rubbish a post or something larger like a ditch.  Today I managed to run/trip 3 times.  A new record but it really took its toll.  I tripped on THE largest piece of dirt I have ever found on a footpath; it was that large I am sure it will show as an incline on my RunKeeper stats.  I also managed to trip over what I believe was a pipe?? With the final obstacle being a traffic cone some genius had decided to place in the middle of the footpath, no actual road works to speak of, just one random cone in the middle of a path.

Paired with the fatigue these little incidents made todays run especially tough.  Each trip reminds me of the difficulties relating to the challenge I have undertaken, with each chipping away at my drive.  Every time I thought about quitting todays run and phoning Sian to collect me, I thought of the kind words I received from yesterdays post.  I didn’t begin this journey with the thought of inspiring others, I just wanted to achieve something for myself, to prove despite my failing vision I could still achieve amazing physical feats.  But armed with the knowledge my little adventure is inspiring others I dug deep, ignored the pitfalls and completed the short run.  Only another 35 miles to run this week, let’s hope someone has moved that cone!

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