I Have a Plan B

A few weeks ago I did a little post about needing a plan B.  With my first choice university turning me down I was forced into the uncomfortable prospect of moving house.  Not only would I have to uproot my family and move to a far more expensive city I would lose my running route.

Well I have now found a plan B: turns out it was plan A after all.  Sheffield University sent me an email announcing they had made a terrible mistake, they meant to offer me a place after all!  I was incredibly shocked to receive an e-mail from Sheffield as I thought to myself “pffff kicking me while I’m down, rubbing it in that they don’t want me”.  Only to discover it was a mistake, I quickly rang the admissions department to confirm I was still interested.

So riding on a high from that e-mail I received another e-mail this time from Wired Playbook.  Would I like to be a guest blogger? Yeah I would!  Life is certainly being kind to me these past few days.

I have also spent the day convincing myself biscuits are the ideal carb loader in preparation for tomorrows run.

6 thoughts on “I Have a Plan B

  1. Hi! I follow you on Twitter under the name of Band2gether. My husband has RP. He’s 38, from Gosport, but now married and living in the US. We met online 12 years go.

    Anyway, I found your blog so inspiring! I hoping this help eliminate some of the fears my husband goes thru about mobility.

    Big congrats on the acceptance to Sheffield and your guest blogger spot!

    All the best,

  2. Alright Si well done mate! As someone who did their undergraduate, masters and soon to be PhD at Sheffield, you’ll have a blast – it’s a brilliant university.

    The bad news mind, is having run around Sheffield a lot, the hills are annoying. My advice: Endcliffe Park at Hunters Bar up towards Whitely Woods is relatively flat and dog shit free.

    Keep shooting for that 100 miles mate, your thing on WIRED was inspiring.

    Best wishes,

    – J.

  3. I plan on living in Rossington still so wont be forced to run those ridiculous hills! I do need to get a bit of hill practice in though as I may be running the Nurburgh ring later this year.

    I may see you around campus if you are there next semester!

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