I have always wanted to see a live rodeo and tonight did not disappoint. We arrived at the rodeo early so managed to get some great seats centre grandstand.

The rodeo kicked off with everyone standing for the national anthem while removing their hats. Then we were straight into the action. The first event was bareback riding. Which was probably the most spectacular event of the night and the only event bar one I managed to shoot some quick videos of.

Sian managed to snap some fantastic photos so well worth taking a look at her blog.

Other events of the night included, roping, speed runs, team roping, saddled riding and bull riding,

One of the most interesting events of the night was when they invited all the small children into the arena and had them chase a calf with a ribbon attached to its tail. I tried to shoot a video of this but unfortunately pressed the wrong button doh!

All in all it was an incredibly entertaining show and one of the true highlights of the yellowstone visit.

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