Guide Dog Training – Day 6

Today saw a return to the road with the bins.  Basically a route that the trainer can place as many obstruction as possible.  It is a great chance to practice following the dog.

The first lap went very well and I also bumped into a bin, now this is actually a good opportunity to train the dog on my dimensions.  So issuing a command the dog learns how wide you are, impressively issuing this command on the net bin we needed to avoid Ascot turned and made sure he was cleaning the bin just enough for my frame.

On the second loop of the block the trainer disconnected her support lead so for the first time I was controlling the dog alone.  It was a great feeling and a real acknowledgement that I was advancing in my training.

The afternoon saw a return to the obstacle course but this time with added difficulties.  Again the instructor left me to do it alone without a support lead.  I was feeling incredibly confident at this point as the trainer having this level of faith in my learning after only 4 walks with Ascot was great.  We zoomed through the course with our usual impatience and speed, its almost like we are a good match!

Returning back to the hotel Ascot became anxious with the teenager that are staying across the hall.  They repeatedly lock each other outside of the room, which begs the question; how many times can these people fall for the same trick!

This anxiousness made Ascot far less responsive when we went outside for a little walk and spend.  After many corrections in order to get him to do what I wanted I tried a different tact.  I tried to really calm him down and soothe him this worked wonders and he performed to his usual high standard.

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