Guide Dog Training – Day 7

With one week over it seems I have come a long way with my training.

Today saw a very wet trip out in the morning to a local high street.  This time to test out the skills of indenting and climbing stairs.  Again the instructor had enough faith in me to unclip early on and let me work the dog myself.  Due to the rain me and Ascot were just trying to rush through the route, we obviously both dislike the rain.

Ascot performs so well on the harness he gives me great confidence in his abilities, I am just struggling at the minute to find the right balance when he is on the lead.  I struggle to read him well enough to find the right tone of voice to get the best from him at any point in time.  However it is only day 7 so I need to bare that in mind and not be too hard on myself I am sure it is something that will develop in time.

Due to the heavy rain it was decided the afternoon would be an indoor obedience sessions.  We headed to the basement of the hotel and worked on a stand and wait as well as a recall.  The stand is apparently the hardest position to train a dog with as it is so easy for the dog to move out of position.  So the stand position was only used in very short period with the intention to train up and maintain a long stand.  In an effort to make it even more intense we did it in front of the other dogs in order to add numerous distractions Ascot and I performed well in this exercise and equally as well in the recall.

The recalls works just like feeder the dog does, three blows of the whistle recalls the dog to your side.  Quickly grabbing its collar so it doesn’t leg it!

Also seen as it was my birthday the trained had treated me and bought me cheesecake! I really must of mentioned how much I like cheesecake!

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