Apple and IBM great partners for an accessible enterprise

Accessibility in the workplace is often viewed as a difficult task. Thanks to the increasing IBM and Apple partnership this may become a thing of the past.

Through the mobile first initiative IBM are now beginning to offer the mac desktop as an enterprise solution. This removes one of the biggest barriers to accessibility in the workplace. With Windows being the dominant platform within the enterprise there was a need to install additional software to increase accessibility. This could be seen as adding additional complexity and cost to the system. While there are solutions in place to finance this accessible needs, the additional cost will not be required with the enterprise level switch.

Accessibility will be baked in to every single Mac desktop. No need for specific accessible software or hardware. The same desktop that other employees utilise can now be used by those with a need for accessibility tools. This has removed any additional cost and complexity to supporting users who require the use of accessibility tools.

I do hope this becomes the industry norm. The mac desktop is capable of transforming the work environment and finally giving a level playing field to all.

This accessibility also extends to the Apple mobile platforms. Therefore, the office of the future that includes desktops, iPad’s and iPhone’s will all have accessibility built in. This could truly be a watershed moment for accessibility in the enterprise.

Currently the mac desktop offers the best accessible business solution, the combination of OS X and LibreOffice as an office suite is highly accessible. Not to mention that LibreOffice is free and open source.

I am truly excited for the future of the enterprise and thankful of such a great partnership between IBM and Apple.

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