Always interesting

I headed our for today’s run armed with a hell of a lot of water and plenty of hammer and Gu.

The first 15 miles flew by without a hitch. The only problem I was losing a lot of time on the water stops. Refilling my handheld was taking far longer than I had hoped. Due to this my pace was suffering a little.

Around midway through a run
I like to eat some crisps. This resulted somehow with me getting tangled in my headphones. 3 minutes later I was still stood still fighting with my cable. Gah! Another hit on pace.

At hour 4 I decided to crack out the hammer nutrition. It mixes like a dream at home. On the run apparently not. With wet hand as a wet packet it would not open. After wrestling for 5 minutes and resorting to biting it open it was time to mix. I managed to miss the bottle and spill it everywhere.

I finally got it together and continued running. At mile 22 I was feeling it. By mile 25 I was doing a lot of walking.

Long runs on a sunday are a balancing act. Knowing I have to run long the next day I can’t push to hard. Manages the last 5 mixing in a lot of walking. Finding my second wind on the last 2 miles I reigned it in and still walked. Getting a better pace at the sake of not performing the next day is not worth it.

So that’s what I took from today. Manage my pace and energy after all it’s an ultra not a sprint!

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  1. I find that after running a few hours, my fingers are incapable of the simplest of gestures, like unzipping my arm holster in which I put my gels. I must admit I smiled at the image of the hammer solution spilling all over the place. Great run, even if walking toward the end of it. Looking forward to reading the next entries.

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