For the past 2 weeks we have been having a number of car troubles. It just keeps breaking down!

This introduces a number of problems like getting to college, doing the shopping and running. To go for a run my wife usually drives me to the airport and drops me off. Without a car it means I cant really run.

It is a 2 hour walk for my wife to drop me off and pick me up, so not really feasible and I can’t safely walk the route on my own. Far to many busy roads and I don’t know the route very well.

In an effort to keep up my training I decided to take a walk to my parents house. When I lived there I used to have a pretty impressive home gym and some of the equipment still remains. So the plan was to do 20 miles on an exercise bike.

I jumped on the bike and attempted to operate the machine. I was unable to read the screen and it made no audio notifications. After a few minutes this irritated me far to much and I had to stop.

The control I have using RunKeeper simply wasn’t translating to a stationary bike. It was to frustrating having no control and no feedback so I just called it a day.

Frustrated I called it quits and we headed home. So unfortunately I have missed a couple of runs this week. I have put a plan in place to do the big miles as I cannot miss the long runs this close to the race.

But the car remains broken.

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