A Reminder of What is Possible

With a fantastic diet of: 2 pancakes, a chicken sandwich, protein shake and a slice of toast, I was under fuelled and ready to run. After a quick conversation with my guide runner he was unable to make it. Dammit I wanted to hit the tarmac.

Near my house there is a small strip of tarmac around 1.6 miles long that is perfect. Wide path, no lampposts and more importantly no pedestrians. I decided without my guide runner this strip of asphalt may be possible. After persuading my wife I wouldn’t die she reluctantly dropped me at the far end.

With no assistance apart from the thumping beat of Jay-Z I began my run. The first mile I had to hug the curb to avoid a few trees, after a long curve to the right time to swap to the left of the path. Reaching the end of the first mile I had a rush of excitement, for the first time in over 2 years I was running on my own.

No guide runner, no cane, no GPS just me and my iPhone. The way it used to be. It was a fantastic feeling and I wish it had lasted. But the burning of my lungs began at the 3 mile marker and I took a little rest. The run wasnt over yet, I had to get to the pick up point another 1.5 miles away. I dug deep and completed the run.

Overall the run was a fantastic reminder of what is possible. It is far to easy to become over reliant on the assistance and aids provided. I will continue to push myself to see what is possible.

100 miles will be mine.

4 thoughts on “A Reminder of What is Possible

    • The run went surprisingly well. The route I took is pretty simple, very wide
      pavements with grass on one side. Meaning as long as the grass is tickling my legs I’m fine. The other tricky bits I have memorised, will be using the route heavily over winter.

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