A Mile Too Far..

My return to running has been far more difficult than anticipated. The ankle pain has gone but taken my stamina alone too.

I figured a couple of runs and I would be back at full strength, instead nearing the 3 mile mark yesterday I felt my lungs collapsing. Where did it all go wrong? A month ago I was happy with my goal of a 100 mile run next year. Now the thought seems impossible; I can’t even run 3 miles!

My guide runner graciously stopped running during my injury in the hope we would stay at the same level. This didn’t pan out as hoped, as he seems to be coping with the return far better than I. As I struggle on the familiar home straights he stretches out and runs ahead.

Starting so far back in my training programme is incredibly demoralising, 2 months hard work wiped out by an awry foot strike. Damn you Bawtry Road and your crappy paving!

2 thoughts on “A Mile Too Far..

  1. Hi – I found your blog on a list of blogs about blindness. I am blind and keep a blog, too. I don’t run, though!

    I swim to keep fit, average about a mile-and-a-half a week. I’ve never posted a blog about swimming, but your posts about running are inspiring me. Not to run, but perhaps to write about sightless swimming!
    Hang in there, and keep up the good work –

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