A Pesky Cold

This week I had to pop to the Dr’s about some friction from my old rucksack messing up my back. I arrived at the Dr’s and was met with a horrendous smell, my wife and I couldn’t decide what the smell was, but it did have a faint aroma of urine. The waiting room was packed with people coughing and sniffing so I was happy to be seen quickly.

The next day we both awoke with a cold. We had both managed to catch something while in the Dr’s waiting room. Great. You pop in for a quick check-up and come out ill. Next time I will wear a facemask, I swear.

Having a cold has really impacted my running; I took a quick twitter poll and asked if people ran with a sore throat. The resounding answer was: yes. But if you have respiratory issues then no. Well guess who was wheezing when breathing and became fatigued from walking, that’s right me!

I am very annoyed, as I always am when ill. I just HATE being ill. I would much rather be out training, racking up some serious miles especially as the weather is fine.

It did make me think though. Two weeks before my run no one leaves or enters the house, I cannot catch a cold before the 100!!

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