2013 – a year of opportunities

As this blog has been a testament too 2012 was a year of great experiences as well as a number of difficulties.

Due to these mounting issues I took the difficult decision to scale down my 2013 runs. I still intend to compete throughout 2013 just not to the level I had planned for during 2012. It will give me a great opportunity to add a little more balance to my life and not spend as much time training for the first time in a couple of years.

With the reduced training I thought it might be a great chance to try a few new things and do a little cross training. In order to kickstart this I have entered a little weight loss competition with 2 friends. My competing weight usually hovers around 175lbs, with my walking around weight at 179lbs. Thanks to a little excess at christmas I am a little above those weights. So a quick 4 week shred is in order to bring it inline!

After the weight loss I will be steadily increasing the miles to be race ready for all summer/autumn/winter.

2013 will also be the year my second child will be born, it is a little ways off yet with a predicted summer birthday, but definitely something to look forward to!

I have begun to focus my psychology reading into a few main areas too. After all perhaps its time to think what I will be doing after university! I still love technology, I always will. So I have a keen interest in computational models, influence and a few business/financial areas. I think these will all tie together quite well and place me in a great position after I leave university.

A quick note on my guide dog, he is still insane!

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