With the changes in my running schedule due to the ebb and flow of my life I had planned on a few changes to my 2013 race schedule. Due to the cancellation of the 2012 NYC marathon I had intended to defer to 2013. This was a little up in the air as this year is set to be a busy one. With a new child on the way I didn’t think it too wise to head to NYC shortly after leaving my wife with a new born and Grayson!

So all the races I had intended running in 2013 are now off. I have been wondering exactly what races I should enter this year. I have reached out to a few friends to try and tag along to a few events. Then today I received a text message from an old running friend. I rarely get to see this person but whenever we meet up its to do something special, be it attempting a 100 mile run, filming a TV commercial (see below), running in ultras and even winning awards.

We are not sure what we will be competing in yet, but I am sure we will make it special whatever we decide to do!

If anyone out there is running any events in the UK this year and would like some company, shoot me a message on twitter. Always looking for new people to run with! be it 5k or 50k and anything in between!

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