Why ultra running?

A friend sent me a tweet the other day to a video of Dean Karnazes (featured below).  It was a nice reminder of why I decided to go down the path of the ultra distance.

Years ago I was still able to read books.  Even though I could read books I rarely did.  It would usually be through necessity, so either a manual for work or a Time Out guide for somewhere I was planning to visit.  It never really occurred to me it might be an idea to read a lot of books before I was unable to.

So when I did read a book it really stuck in my mind.  The only books I can remember reading are near to the entire work of Hunter S Thompson and one book by Dean Karnazes.  The Thompson books could certainly explain why I drank so much back in the day!  The Karnaze’s Ultramarathon Man  really stuck in my mind.

I read it at a time when my vision was beginning to severely deteriorate.  I hadn’t realised it at the time but it would become the last book I was able to read.  Due to the fact it was the last book I ever read it held a special place in my heart and mind and created something.  Something that would re surface years later.

When I had become so bored with waiting for college to start; I had began to run.  Once I had mastered the art of running alone I felt I needed a challenge.  I had done something I didn’t feel was possible a few months ago so what do I do now?

I remembered Karnaze’s book and thought: If he could do it, why can’t i?

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