Visually Impaired runner? Want to learn to be a running guide? Come join us!

Recently Braddan and I began a guide running project – guiderunning.UK. The simple goal is to raise awareness, point people towards guide running information and training and ultimately to connect as many visually impaired runners with guides as possible.

To promote the launch of we want to recruit a team of visually impaired runners and guides to compete in a 24-hour relay race. Don’t panic – this is definitely a sociable experience and not an all-out endurance competition. Pace and experience are certainly not an issue.

The race takes place in London over a 6-mile multi terrain route. It is not incredibly demanding. Trails are well maintained and relatively flat. More information about the even can be found at Spitfire Scramble

In true Spitfire spirit, needs YOU! – Just leave a comment below or contact me if you are interested.

Guide Runners

We are looking for a series of guide runners to aid our visually impaired runners around the course. There is no requirement to have guided before, the only requirement is to be able to run at least 6 miles, be available on the 30-31st of August and be able to make your own way to London.

The aim is to demonstrate how easy and accessible becoming a guide runner can be. We offer basic instructions on proficient guiding and will also be holding a training event 1-2 weeks before the main race.

The training opportunity will take place in London and will include basic q and a as well as running practice with a visually team mate, so will be a great opportunity to see just how easy it is to guide! Location and date to be confirmed.

Visually Impaired Runners

We are seeking visually impaired runners to join our team for Spitfire Scramble. The only requirement is to be able to run 6 miles twice within a 24 hour period. There is no requirement for a particular pace, we will pair you with a guide that is capable of running at your own pace, be it 6 minute miles or 16 minute miles. The most important thing to remember is there is no pressure!

We are aware that night time running can be a little tricky, so Braddan and I have agreed to run the entire night section. However, if any visually impaired runners would like to run through the night section they are more than welcome.

The terrain is multi-terrain, but nothing that is too difficult for a visually impaired runner. Guides will also be able to tether, if that is how you wish to run.


We will have a main campsite in the VIP section, this is where the visually impaired runners will be based. Showers are available and guide dogs are welcome. We will supply additional details closer to the date once we confirm numbers.


The event is close to the underground with the event HQ a short bus, taxi or 15 minute walk from (Hornchurch Station), so there are great public transport links in and out of the event for any guides or runners that want to join us but prefer their creature comforts!

6 thoughts on “Visually Impaired runner? Want to learn to be a running guide? Come join us!

  1. Hi
    I have RP and would like to sign up for this. However I live in sunderland so could you proved me with more details about accommodation?
    Thank you

  2. Hi, the accommodation is a camp site and we have an area within the VIP section.

    The race starts midday on the 30th and finished midday on the 31st. So you would only need to camp out one night.

  3. You don’t have to camp out of course. If you like you could always stay in a hotel nearby and just turn up for two runs in the 24 hour period.

    I will be camping out, not sleeping though seen as I am running the night!

  4. What an excellent event! Just checking if I can make it, then will hopefully sign up. We had around 9 attendees at the York guide running traing course run by York City Council and England Athletics today, a good day which spread the enthusiasm for guide running. Have you shared this link with Jason White, he may also share across his networks
    jacqui McBurnie

  5. I am interested in becoming a guide runner but unfortunately I am busy the weekend of the 30-31st August. But if there is future training and events, I would like to know about them.

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