Vibram Pain

Around these parts the temperature rarely breaks the 20 degree barrier. So as soon as the sun is out its time to play outisde.

Scott came around about mid afternoon and after playing with MacSpeech we decided to go feed the ducks at the local pond. Now I live around 500m from the duck pond so I figure it would be around 1.5k round trip. A great distance to use my Vibrams to increase my foot strength a little.

With vibrams on we headed out to feed the ducks, just as we tossed in the last few pieces of bread Scott mentioned checking out the pavement around the back, see if it could be a possible new running route.

We trekked the extra 1km to the pavement, its a beautiful pavement, a real long stretch of fresh new tarmac. No random posts in the middle of the path just a loooooooong stretch of great guide running territory. We decided to walk the opposite way around the path, to see if it continued into a nearby village.

This is where the pain began, with the sweltering heat the beautiful tarmac was baking my feet. Every time we reached a corner in the path we continued, afterall the path must end soon!

The walk continued a little further than anticipated passing the local airport, the school, the wildlife park and the fishing lakes. By now my feet were on fire each step was becoming painful, damn you Vibrams!

We discussed swapping shoes but when Scott realised I had been sweating sock less in the Vibrams he quickly said no. As I began gritting my teeth through the pain Scott suggested we stop off at the nearby pub and call in a lift.

A welcome beer and a chance to rest my feet I rang Sian. The lift home secured I limped to the car complaining the sunday 10k will be difficult.

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