UltrAspire Atom MBS Waist Belt

I will start this review with a little explanation of the UltrAspire MBS system. It is a Modular Belt System, so you can buy the sections separately and construct a belt that fits your needs. This is a wonderful idea as rather than buying different belts for different events you can have one core system that you simply attach different components onto. There is a whole range over at the UltrApsire store so go take a look.

The connector I chose was the Atom, I needed something to carry my iPhone 5 as I run. Finding something slimline that can accommodate the iPhone 5 is difficult. The atom is incredibly slimline with very little bulk. As well as one main pocket it also has a few extra internal pockets that are perfect for things like credit cards, great for that quick stop off at Starbucks on a long run!

UltrAspire Atom MBS Belt

What problem does it solve?

As time has gone on in my running career I wear more and more compression clothing. I love the wicking capabilities of compression wear but I hate the lack of pockets. The Atom solves this problem.

Clothing with pockets. Lots of my non compression tops have pockets for an iPod or phone. There are two problems with these pockets; bounce and size. There is nothing worse than placing your reasonably light device into your pocket only to feel like it has turned into a brick. The pockets are generally in stupid places and it just swings about bashing into your body. That is if you are lucky enough for the pocket to be big enough to squeeze your device into. Again the Atom solves these problems.


I feel I a great test for the usability of any product. After all if I can use it blind you probably have a decent shot at being able to use it if you can see. It is pretty simple to build up the belt and easy to put on. Slipping your device into the Atom’s pocket can be a little tricky. This depends on whether you have your device in a case or indeed if you are even putting some electronics in there.

I can easily fit an iPhone 5 in the pocket; once the phone is in a case and the headphones are plugged in it is very snug. What I use here is the RunKeeper Countdown test. I use RunKeeper to track all my runs and it has a 15 second delay before beginning the workout. With this setting on I was able to fit my iPhone 5 (in a silicone case) and begin running before the workout began. As mentioned earlier that is without being able to see, so I am sure that time could easily be beaten!

On the run

On the run the belt performed perfectly. The best thing about the belt is it removes all wobble for carrying something like your iPhone. When you are running for 5 hours the constant banging of the phone against your led while running becomes annoying and sore. This belt eliminates that. Also once your body accommodates the weight and feeling around your belt the sensation of wearing a belt literally disappears. You are just not aware you are even wearing it.

You really notice the slimline nature of the Atom while out and about too. There is no excess bulk at all. It is literally deep enough to fit your iPhone in, so no dorky looking bumbag thats for sure.


Overall I would highly recommend the Atom if you have any of the problems mentioned above. The fact it is modular also means you can change the connector in the future to expand functionality of your waist belt system.

Available: UltrApsire (EU)

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