The cycle begins

For the past few months I have been running in maintenance mode. Generally managing to run around the half marathon length at the weekends and a couple of shorted distance runs in the week. However this week saw a foray into the start of an ultra training cycle. I have signed up for next years South Downs Way 50 so need to start the cycle now to get a decent finish.

So this week I had to do something I always like to believe I can but rarely do – the early morning run. I usually start running around 7am but if I am to fit my training in and university it means I have to run closer to 5am. I always tell myself I can do this but when the alarm goes off I switch it off and roll back over. I still did that this week but then after a few minutes thought “No, if I want to train I have to do it in the morning” and managed to yank myself out of bed.

I am having to train so early due to a few constraints at university. The commute is killing the amount of time I get to work and spend with my family so the plan was to go in fewer days a week but stay longer. So on a tuesday I am at university until 7pm so with the massive commute home I just cant fit the run in and an early rise the following day for university again!

It does mean tuesdays and wednesdays are a desperate squeeze of run, commute, university, commute, bed. It seems to make the days incredibly long but its the only way until next semester I can possible train and put in the work needed at university.



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