Running Point

Todays run was special for 2 reasons, its my birthday and I had new Nike gear to wear.

Sporting my new Dri Fit Nike short sleeve we headed out on a 2 mile “sprint”. We walked to the edge of my housing estate and began our run, overzealous we began a furious pace.

Being willed on by my new Nike threads we hit the long hill leaving the village. We achieved a mystifying 7:44 pace on an incline. Rounding parrots corner for the next uphill stage we were beginning to lag.

As mentioned numerous times I run shoulder to shoulder with my guide runner. However this particular uphill has a few unique traits which allow me to take point.

The hill is made up of a thin path flanked at both sides by grass. This allows me to correct my position depending on footfall and the feel of the grass. Feeling the long strands of grass on my left leg the next foot strike is a correction to the right. Repeating the process of minor corrections allows me to run point for a .75 mile stretch.

Running point is a great psychological boost, dictating pace and direction for once I am the guide runner.

The pace proved a little adventurous for my guide runner and we decided to take a little breather. I continued to take point which proved a little hazardous as I ran into the road and into oncoming traffic. Undeterred and with a quick correction we were home stretch bound!

Finishing the run we began to dissect our pace. We decided energy conservation is our new mantra. Heading out of the gate too fast always results in poor performance. Start slow finish fast!