Sell, Sell, Sell

The past few days have been consumed with the need to sell all my unused belongings. With college just around the corner I really need to get the money together for an iPad.

So everything is hitting the auction block, games, books, DVD’s, blank skateboards and even a Pantone Colour Guide.

As I frantically searched my parents and my house for things to sell I received an email. Unfortunately the books I require for college are not available in a digital format. So now not only do I need to raise the money for an iPad but also a book scanner.

Despite the desperate need for money I have decided to keep my urban vinyl. They will after all make cool little toys for our son.

So the search continues what else can I sell…..

3 thoughts on “Sell, Sell, Sell

  1. That’s lamesville, my last essay I was able to almost entirely use google books and scholar so there should be some hope. What course are you going to do?

    • Biology and Psychology. The books at uni are available digitally and there is even a service to scan the books.

      College however doesn’t have the resources. So adds an extra layer of difficulty on top of all the other adaptations.

      Hoping I find more stuff to sell so I can afford it all.

  2. Hmmm no not the best, you’ll probably find at Uni you’ll use journals a lot too and they are almost always available online

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