Post Surgery and the Media

Around a month ago I finally had eye surgery on my left eye. While the surgery went well I arrived home in quite a lot of pain. After 3 hours I couldn’t take the pain any longer and had to return to the hospital, turned out my cornea had been scratched during the operation and was causing my a lot of pain. Thankfully nothing serious so I went home and waited out the pain.

However the past few weeks have been incredibly difficult, the imbalance the surgery has created is too great. I am really struggling. This has unfortunately caused a few issues with university and training.

I will have to defer some of my university exams and essays till the summer. I simply don’t have enough time to catch up on everything I have missed. This is a real shame as I didn’t want to have to resort to this, but I would rather get a result I am happy with and wait till summer.

I also had to miss a small amount of training which is having an effect. My calf muscles seem to be having a real issue with lactic acid, I seem to build up the acid far to quickly. I hope this subsides in a week or so otherwise it will be a lot of grunting when I compete!

On the positive side I seem to be gaining a lot of media attention really and today received a wonderful writeup in the Guardian! You can read it over here. I have also given interviews for a number of magazines and newspapers, I will try and link to them as they are released!

4 thoughts on “Post Surgery and the Media

  1. After reading the article in the guardian,what skill, perseverance, stamina and motivation you have. you seem to be in tune with and trust your senses and environmental cues at such a heightened degree. Good luck With your training and thanks for inspiring others. Incredible to be that fearless.

  2. Hi Simon
    Really didn’t expect to read what I did in the guardian article yesterday. Blew me away. It is awesome what you are doing. Look forward to reading more about your journey. Hope you feel a lot better soon.

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